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Raphael Rossetti – Quality is Everything!

Most people have had at least one poorly made leather product in their life that fell to pieces a short time after they’ve started using it – can you relate? Raphael Rossetti doesn’t cut corners on any of our products. We use only 100% Italian full-grain cowhide leather. You’ll never have to worry about being deceived.

See, some companies will try to fool you, making claims their leather accessories are 100% leather. When in fact they’re using poor quality leather, or manufacturing leftovers that are ground up and then glued back together using synthetic dyes and glues to feign the appearance of a full-grain product.

Once you’ve owned a full-grain leather product from Raphael Rossetti, you’ll quickly realize why full-grain is the premium standard in the leather industry. Completely unadulterated, full-grain products are incredibly strong, durable, and bursting with character.

Choose from our elegant and affordable belt lines like the Raphael Rossetti “Tyche” or “Chloris” lineups. The “Alethia” leather wallet, available in several colors, can help add style and function to any purse, clutch, or handbag.

Full-Grain Leather: How to Identify it

Full-grain leather is the best leather money can buy. It gets its name from being the topmost outer layer of the animal hide. The hide’s natural “grain” hasn’t been adulterated during the manufacturing process. Each pore of the animal skin is still present – every single crease and mild imperfection is still there to behold (a 25x magnifying glass makes the pores really easy to see!)

One of the easiest ways to tell if a leather product is full-grain is to perform a simple scratch test. Select a small, inconspicuous area of the coat, footwear, belt, or other accessory you want to test, then scratch it lightly with your fingernail. True full-grain leather will scratch relatively easily, and that scratch will be permanently etched in the product.

There are a number of other ways to tell if you’re in possession of full grain leather. Full-grain is much more flexible than top-grain and “genuine” leather. This is because those other types are sanded, then painted with a polystyrene coating. Full-grain leather also has an unmistakable leather smell, whereas other varieties have a fake chemical-like smell.

Finally, real full-grain leather will start darkening and developing a patina as it ages. It should never wear or crack like other types of leather, making it a purchase that can last for a lifetime!